Our Values & Philosophy

Our values and philosophy are the foundation of our business. We lead by the same principles in daily life as we do at work. We stay away from anything that makes us uncomfortable and we never abide by something we don’t fully believe in.

Newton William Blake
Newton – William Blake

Key principles we live and work by:

  • SincerityTelling the truth is easy and pleasant. We have nothing to hide, because we do our best in making sure our product is in line with our principles. We take our product home and are proud to share it with our family and friends.
  • Informality – No clichés. We only speak from the heart. We are a small family business and we care about each and every one of our baked creations, as we do our customers.
  • Humility – We don’t pretend to be bigger than we are but we do think big. In Euclidean geometry a dot is an object, which doesn’t have dimensions. At the same time the Universe consists of dots. To try to be humble as much as possible is the aspiration to connect to the Universe. Isn’t it a humble aspiration? 🙂
Sokhumi karate
In the 70’s back in Otari’s hometown Sokhumi

The photo above is from our family’s collection. Otari, founder of Glutenull, started practicing karate and meditation in the  70s. Read more About us and the founder of GluteNull.

The ABC’s of our Business

A. Food And Lifestyle

It is difficult to overestimate the influence of food on our mood, behaviour and health. During the entire conscious life we lead the battle against temptations on the front of food. Having won a small battle, we become stronger spiritually and physically. This challenge to keep eating right changes our consciousness; by developing consciousness we choose our food and put stronger requirements on what we fuel our bodies with. This dialectical process develops our spirit, will, consciousness and eventually personality.

B. Bake with love.

Oh, here come the clichés! No, we are not going to play a small violin and sing you a song about our baking love story but let me give you an example when someone showed greater love for his work than I. My neighbour had a hunting breed dog – Kutcher. When they would go hunting, the dog would start shaking from excitement. I can’t say the same about myself before baking.

However, let’s give some meaning to the saying “Bake with love”. Let’s describe what technique we consider during the process of baking with love. In some cultures and religions including Jewish, Christian and Muslim, people thank God for the food they eat. They take this food with big appreciation and respect. In some cultures, like Vaishnavites and Buddhists, their relationship with God includes food preparation. To “Bake for God” can be represented as the highest form of the expression “Bake with love”. And finally, by some believers like Zen Buddhists, God is in human. Trying to bake with love we consider – baking to an impersonal human as Absolute. Obviously, in the commercial food industry we can implement maybe just a tiny piece of that technique, however on an individual level it is a form of meditation.

Warning! By following this technique please don’t hurt yourself, don’t cut or scald yourself, and just don’t get fanatical 😉

C. Connections

Everything is connected. We know that but let’s envision it. Say, my ear connects me to my colleague who grinds metallic construction outside the building, the policeman, who runs to help, and Beethoven who plays the 9th symphony in the background. Yes, all of them are connected to me. In the same way, we choose what is important for us and we try to become connected, hooked as much as possible. In a business, it is a relationship with people, who are as passionate about the same ideas as we are.

As a good friend once said to me, “it is better to lose with good, than to earn with bad”.

It is easy to describe the process of baking in our bakery. Remember the Live TV show from “Hell’s Kitchen”? Well, we are just the opposite. We believe that without respect and care for each other, a good product just can’t be made.

– Otari

 Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. -Mahatma Ghandi