We decided to pamper ourselves a little and get a makeover for our logo.

Our website update was such a refreshing treat  that we decided it was time to create a logo (and new label) to match.   It’s still reminiscent of our old logo, but cleaner and more modern.

Our Old Logo

What do you think of our new logo?

We’re in the process of revamping our labels to reflect us and our products more.  You should start to see them in stores now and over the next while.

Did you ever wonder why we chose our logo to look the way it does?  Well there’s a story behind it and I thought I would share it with you.

Otari – the owner and mastermind of Glutenull – is quite philosophical and believes that images not only need to look great, but they have to portray meaning as well.  He came up with our original logo design.

For Otari, he wanted the letter ‘G’ to represent gluten – like the protein that is in glutinous grains.

Around the ‘G’ is a zero:0  which is to visually show us that there is no gluten in any of our delicious foods.

Our New Logo

He believes that eating a healthy diet of highly nutritious organic,  non GMO, gluten free foods keeps our bodies healthy and in balance.  This form of balance is shown inside the zero as Yin & Yang.

The Yin portion of the symbol is green to represent all that encompasses Yin, such as the earth, coolness, darkness, quietude, and femininity.

The Yang portion of the symbol is a golden yellow to represent all the encompasses Yang, such as the sun, heat, brightness, activity, and masculinity.

When these two dichotomies are in harmony, balance occurs.

Therefore, consuming our delicious and healthy goods at Glutenull can help promote health and balance in your body and mind.