We believe in community and like to collaborate with local individuals and events to showcase our Organic, Raw, Vegan & Gluten Free foods.  Come back and check our page often to see what we’re doing in the local community: demos, showcases, events.

Our upcoming events and demos

November Demos

Nov 20 – Choices Markets South Surrey, 3248 King George Boulevard – 12 – 5 pm

Nov 21 – Choices Markets Burnaby Crest, 8683 10th Avenue – 11 – 4 pm

Nov 22 – Choices Markets Abbotsford, 3033 Immel Street – 2 – 7 pm


Join us at Whole Foods Market West Vancouver on Saturday, March 24th for their Giving Fair, to help raise funds for the 2018 Whole Planet Foundation Prosperity Campaign.Whole Planet Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by Whole Foods Market and dedicated to poverty alleviation. We aim to empower the world’s poorest people with microcredit in places where Whole Foods Market sources it products:

  • 88% of the loans WPF funds are to women

  • 96% of the loans are repaid to the microfinance institutions and the donation stays in the community to help more people

  • $183 is the average first loan funded

  • 100% of donations to WPF goes to fund microlending

  • WPF funds microlending programs to alleviate poverty in 71 countries including the UK, Canada and the US.

  • Whole Foods Market has donated $28 million to Whole Planet Foundation.

  • WFM Team Members have donated a total of $8 million through automatic donations from their paychecks.


Ellen Bayens is a wonderfully enthusiastic advocate for Gluten Free living.  She offers a plethora of information regarding gluten free products, shopping, restaurants, events, and more.

She does regular demos showcasing our foods (as well as other great companies) for those with celiac or gluten sensitivity.  Follow her pages and check out her website for lots of great local events. Celiac Scene Website


We are proud members of the Celiac Disease Foundation.  Please check out their website to find the latest research on Celiac and gluten free living.