Now that we have our new website, logo, and labels, we decided it was time to dress up our delivery van.  We wanted something clean and simple, very similar to how we bake our gluten free goods here at Glutenull.

We’re very happy with Fine-Line Signs located in North Vancouver.  They were quick, professional, and did a great job.  Don’t you think so?

Our new delivery truck design

We have some exciting new announcements to share with you in March, which will allow many of our happy customers to be able to pick up our products at more locations.  Stay tuned for the official announcement in the first week of March!

We’re always working to create additional healthy, gluten free, and vegan treats.  If you have any requests for particular products, either email us or comment below and we’ll considering producing it in the future.

Keep your eyes on the lookout for our dazzling new design on our delivery truck!