• Non-GMO Verified

  • HACCP Certified

  • Yeast & Gluten-free

  • Raw
  • Vegan

  • Organic Certified


Otari Kobalia came to Canada in 1996 with his family, after immigrating from Georgia and leaving his birthplace of Sukhumi. He was a mathematician, yet life took him on a different route, and he started experimenting with different business ideas. After many adventures and trials, he decided to stick with what he liked best: immersing himself in the creative process.
Otari opened GluteNull in 2011, more than 10 years after working in the baking industry. His focus and passion shifted to gluten free production. He saw the importance for gluten free choices that are healthy, while still being delicious. He decided to open a gluten free facility and concentrate on quality products that will bring enjoyment and liberty to the constrains of a gluten free diet.


 Glutenull features unique recipes, some based on Georgian recipes passed down through generations, such as Gozinaki and Churchkhela, with the same taste in a healthier form. Our breads are also unique in that they don’t use yeast — or the ingredients that help mimic the missing yeast and gluten. As Kobalia explains, to create a yeast-free product, other manufacturers will add sugar, milk or eggs (or all three) into their gluten-free products to create the characteristics of gluten. Glutenull also doesn’t add refined sugar but uses coconut sugar or agave syrup.



Many of his family and friends were looking for gluten free breads that could be trusted and enjoyed. He wanted to create a bread that was not lack luster in taste just because it is healthy. Being a vegetarian since his early 20’s, Otari has always been interested in nutrition and the natural living. All of the products at the bakery are also vegan and refined sugar free (we only use low glycemic organic agave syrup). Thus with renewed energy and passion, the creative processes started flowing again and GluteNull is proud to bring you delicious, organic, gluten free products!


The proof is in the pudding, or perhaps the name. Otari’s last name is Kobalia, which means bread in Georgian (Megrelian dialect). Not only that, but his mother’s last name was Melnikov, which means miller. Otari believes that his gifts as a baker is in his genes and we think you’ll agree once you taste our products too.

You can read more about our values and philosophy here and some of Otari’s short stories from Otari’s blog section. We hear them every day at the bakery so we thought it’s time we share his adventures and words of wisdom with the rest of the world too.