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5 benefits of adding raw foods to your diet

by on March 23, 2015

In the past year grocery shelves have seen an explosion of new “raw” products and the blog world is buzzing with this latest trend in healthy living. More people than ever are abandoning cooked foods in favour of uncooked veggies, nuts and seeds. We have to admit we’ve also jumped on the bandwagon with our new raw products. Wondering what raw foods can do for you? Here are five great benefits of adding raw foods to your diet.

1. They make you more beautiful!

Sound impossible? It all comes down to the minerals your body gets from raw foods. 95 percent of our body’s activities involve minerals. These minerals help strengthen our skin, nails and hair, improve our skin tone, rebuild collagen and detoxify and cleanse our bodies. When eating a variety of greens we receive the broad spectrum of minerals our bodies need. Eating greens in their raw state allows us to absorb the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals possible. After only a few weeks of a raw diet, many notice they achieves a healthier glow and brighter eyes.

2. They help you avoid common allergens and can reduce the symptoms of autoimmune disease

When eating raw, you naturally avoid other common allergens such as eggs, soy, gluten, sugar and dairy. When these are completely cut out of your diet, significant health benefits can ensue. Some people with autoimmune diseases also experience less symptoms when on a raw diet. This is good news for our friends who live with Celiac, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Colitics. Although science has yet to back this claim through studies, raw food advocates believe the body naturally identifies cooked food as a pathogen. They claim eating a lot of cooked food can stimulate auto-immune responses in the body, hence a raw food diet will prevent these responses.

3. They infuse your body with antioxidants

As a natural consequence of eating a huge amount of fruits and veggies, you pump your body full of antioxidants which can help fight a number of diseases including heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes.

4. The provide you with a number of other health benefits

Adding raw foods to your diet can help you stay hydrated, increase your energy levels, help decrease high blood pressure and even keep your teeth and gums healthy. As raw foods are generally lower in fat and don’t contain added or processed oils, a raw food diet can be beneficial for someone suffering from high blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems. Raw foods contain a lot of water, which help you stay hydrated and energized throughout the day. They are also easier on your stomach and digestive system, reducing the time and energy needed to digest your food. And last but not least, chomping on raw food not only gives your jaw and gums a healthy workout but can also prevent tooth decay as raw foods contain far less sugar than cooked and processed foods.

5. They can lead to a change in lifestyle

Many raw advocates describe a massive lifestyle change after going raw. They spent more time in the kitchen preparing nutritious meals, became more mindful and aware of the foods they were fuelling their bodies with, and this mindfulness spread to other areas of their lives. Simone, a self-professed party girl, swapped drinking her nights away in smoke-filled bars with a life of yoga practice, meditation and experimenting with raw foods in the kitchen. She found a new passion and charted a new lifestyle that didn’t have room for her former bad habits.

Convinced on going raw? Many experts recommend adding raw food to your existing diet rather than eliminating cooked foods altogether. Although many foods are more nutrient and mineral rich when raw, some foods such as tomatoes are better cooked as their nutrients are more easily absorbed in this state. As health food blogger Ellie Krieger puts it, “Raw and cooked foods each offer distinct benefits, so don’t think of it as an either-or proposition.”

In our commitment to healthy options to fit your lifestyle, we have created four new raw products. Our raw granolas (Chia Goji Berry and Hemp are a great way to start your day off right. To keep you fuelled throughout the day and help you avoid unhealthy afternoon snacking, our chia goji bars and hemp bars are the perfect on-the-go snacks.

Have you experimented with raw foods? If so, what health benefits or challenges have you experienced? Connect with us on social media or comment below.


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