Gluten Free Amaranth Bread

Amaranth Bread

Amaranth Bread   Immortal amaranth, a flower which once In paradise, fast by the tree of life. –        John Milton, Paradise Lost           The word amaranth comes from the Greek word amarantos, which means “unwithering”. Our Amaranth Bread is made with brown rice flour, organic sprouted amaranth and seeds.   Ingredients: Brown rice…

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Brown Rice Bread

Brown Rice Bread

Brown Rice Bread   For us, choosing to bake our bread with brown rice, over white, was a no brainer.  Brown rice is unrefined, thus making it a whole grain. Our brown rice bread is soft and chewy and easy on digestion.                 Ingredients: Brown rice flour, corn…

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Quinoa Loaf

Quinoa Bread

Quinoa Bread   Known as “gold of the Incas”, quinoa consumption dates back to 4 thousand years ago when it was first domesticated by the Andean people of South America.  Quinoa was consumed by warriors to increase their strength and stamina; it was believed to be a sacred grain. Our Quinoa bread is made with…

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Buckwheat Bread Glutenull

Buckwheat Bread

Buckwheat Bread Our buckwheat bread is made with organic buckwheat, brown rice flour and flax seeds. It is our first bread at Glutenull and still one of our best sellers today.               Ingredients: Organic buckwheat flour, brown rice flour, organic flax, baking soda, xanthan gum, water, sea salt.

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