Customer Testimonials

We always strive for excellence and our customers are at the centre of what we do. When we get messages like these, it just brightens up our day ever so more and makes everything all the worth while!  Read what people are saying about our products!


  • Janet Joynson

    Excellent! I just recently found you and your Amaranth bread is 'the bomb' Love it  looking forward to trying your other products as well

  • Sheila Szonyi

    Amazing gluten free products with such clean ingredients and super tasty. Hands down amazing!!!!!

  • Anna-Lisa Gilliland

    I know sometimes companies only get emails when things go wrong so i wanted to email you and say, Your amaranth bread is amazing. It's the first gluten free bread I actually crave!

  • Lory Curnew

    I've tried your cookies and I have to say thank you and they were so good. It was like a piece off heaven eating them. When I have been gluten free and soy free so long.

  • Sally Krumdiack

    I have so many food allergies that the Coco D'Lish bars are the only product that has ingredients I can have and they are amazing!!

  • Brigitte Lirette

    I had one of your Hemp Energy Bars recently in Horseshoe Bay, Its the best bar I have ever had frankly. wow.. so good.

  • Kecia Levie, @kissmycancer

    Thanks @glutenull for the best vegan, glutenfree, sugarfree bread on the market!

  • Natasha J Parmar, Board of Directors for Walk For Andrea Charity

    About nine years ago I started experiencing a myriad of symptoms from dizziness to fatigue, rashes to weight gain but despite numerous tests, visits to specialists I was getting worse but no diagnosis yet! The docs started to play with my thyroid which in turn impacted my adrenals which then the liver got angry and started to repent! A long list of medications were prescribed each with their own list of side effects leaving me sicker then I was before I met with the docs. I bowed away politely from them and their treatment protocols and took an inward approach and tapped into my cultural roots for more of a holistic course of treatment. Almost a decade later, I can't say that I am 100% yet, but I can say I am much better then before! 🙂 part of my self designed protocol was evaluating my food/diet, which led me to eliminating gluten and since the mild sweet tooth still daunts and taunts me I was thrilled to recently stumble upon your cookies! Delicious...the Quinoa Coconut Cookies are simply divine and the coconut squares are so soft and moist! Love thank you for sharing your products!